Othello or Reversi: vocabulary practice, sentence formation, conjunctions - great for one-on-one and low number classes

I also play Othello a lot. I've used my cards to make an Othello game. One side has the pictures (white) and the other side is the backing (black.) The students must use the vocab on the cards in a sentence to flip them (or just say the vocabulary - simple.) For example: Simple: "This a boy playing the piano." / "Play the piano." More difficult: "Yesterday, I saw a boy playing the piano."

As the card number increases I usually tell the just pick 3 cards to say, the rest can just be turned over. However, I try to get them to make some sense out of the string (but funny non-sense is also a lot of fun.)

"Yesterday, I saw a boy playing the piano and he was eating a hamburger. But, he wasn't reading a book" The kids use Othello rules on a 6 by 6 board. It's a lot of fun and the kids will repeat the clause many many times and internalize the pattern. You don't need a board just define the center (the first 4 cards) and tell the students they can branch out 2 cards in any direction from the center and that's the border or boundry.

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